Kindergarteners have been reading different versions of Gingerbread Man, comparing and contrasting and voting on our favorite story.

Gingerbread Man

We also studied winter Holidays celebrated around the World focusing on Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. The students created suitcases and passports to take on their journeys to the countries we studied. We discussed different traditions and symbols that go along with these holidays.


We have been busy learning all the tools that help us become great readers. We notice patterns in books, we use a pointer to tap under each word as we read, we use letter and picture clues to figure out tricky words and we make connections to other books. We are excited to start bringing book baggies home in the New Year.


In writing, we have already learned so much! We write stories across three pages about things that happened to us. We use our spaceman to space our words, our sight word cards for spelling and stretch out the words we write to hear each sound. Next, we will be learning about all the different purposes writers write. We will be writing lists, labels, signs, letters, and cards.


~The Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Wendy Pirozzi, Team Leader

Mrs. Aimee Abreu

Ms. Kelly Scotto

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