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  • Mendham Boro Families - Want to leave a lasting impression for your child at Mountain View?
  • Incoming 5th Graders - Wouldn’t your child love to see their name at their new school?
  • Current 5th Graders - Your child would love to see their name at their new school for three years!
  • Current 8th Graders - Send your child off to high school with some graduation wishes that will last with Mountain View forever.

The OLC (Outdoor Learning Center) is allowing children the opportunity to change the world! Students in OLC are providing Mountain View with a beautiful place to learn and explore. The OLC donates all of the vegetables grown to local soup kitchens. The plants and flowers grown in the OLC contribute to the overall wellbeing of our planet.

Please purchase a paver to support the OLC in changing the planet!

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Here are some commonly asked questions about the pavers:

Q. Where are they located?

A. The pavers are located right on the walkway going into the garden.  All of the kids either walk by them or stand by them in the morning.

Q. I am really interested but I don’t know what I should request to be written on one?

A. A lot of parents place their child’s graduation date, their last name or even a business name on a paver.  They are also great holiday, birthday, anniversary, academic and athletic achievement gifts.

Q. Are there different size pavers?

A. Yes, there are three different sizes and the least expensive one is $50.  

Q. Can we place more than one student's name on a paver?

A. Yes, there is room for at least three student names on a paver.