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    Child Study Team,
    School Social Worker

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    Thank you for checking in to see the happenings with your School Social Worker!  Please use this page to better understand the services available for your child.
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    -Social Skills Groups


    -Academic Counseling Consultations


    -Crisis Intervention


    -Classroom Consultations



    Social Skills Groups


    Social Skills groups are offered in a variety of grade levels on an as-needed basis. Special education children with social skill development needs work with general education students once a week typically during lunch periods.  Faculty and students know these groups as "Lunch Bunch."  Groups are facilitated by the school social worker.  Students work cooperatively on skills including conversation, eye contact, body language, expressing feelings, and fair play.  General education students are welcomed to the weekly groups on a rotating basis.  Please contact your student's teacher if you DO NOT want your child involved in this type of program.




    Academic Counseling Consultations


    The school social worker is available to all students in the district for academically based counseling.  This type of counseling can assist with conflict resolution between students, bullying issues, schoolwork/ homework concerns, and more.  A parent or a faculty member can request this intervention.  In general, the social worker will share the outcome of the consultation with the parents as deemed necessary.  If concerns arise and it is determined that a child may benefit from long-term counseling, the social worker will contact the parent with further information.




    Crisis Intervention


    Unfortunately, our children may experience crises that impact their lives dramatically.  When this occurs, it may be helpful for school personnel to intervene.  Intervention may be needed after the death of a family member, the death of a pet, or another type of crisis situation.  Please contact your child's classroom teacher or Sara Longueira directly if you would like her to work with your child.




    Classroom Consultation


    Throughout the school year, teachers may request that the social worker conduct short talks or activities to assist in teaching.  In the past, requested topics include good touch/bad touch, conflict resolution, effective communication, friendships, rumors, etc.  These classroom consultations occur on an as-needed basis and are arranged by the classroom teacher.  Additionally, the social worker will assist the teacher in developing individual behavior plans as needed.