• Earth
    Hilltop’s Environmental Leadership Partners

    • Does your child love nature?  Does he/she think recycling is important?  Would he/she like to learn about more ways to help the planet?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, you may want to encourage your child to join H.E.L.P., Hilltop’s Environmental Leadership Partners!

    • If you are a third or fourth grader, come join us on our journey to help keep our recycling programs going strong.  We bet you have some great ideas to make our school a greener place.

    •  Questions?? Please contact Mrs. LeMay at lemay@mendhamboroschools.org  

      As a member of H.E.L.P., you should:
      • Be in 3rd or 4th grade 
      • Share what you learn with your friends and family 
      • Use what you learn to make our school and world a better place 

      • Meetings are held the second school Thursday of the month from 3:20 – 4:30 PM.
      • Students will meet in the gymnasium and look for Mrs. McGoldrick, Mrs. LeMay, Mrs. Slutsky, Mrs. Sherwin or Mrs. Stolten.
      • ALL members will need to bring a signed note to school on meeting days to give to their teachers explaining that they will attend the meeting. It is imperative that all bus riders make sure that it is noted that Ms. Borie should be made aware of the change in dismissal.
      • If a child needs to go home with someone other than his or her guardian, he or she will need a separate signed not to be given to the advisors at the beginning of the meeting.
      • A ride must be on time to pick up members at the conclusion of the meeting. Pick up will happen in the front of the school. Those children attending the After Care program will be escorted to the cafeteria by an advisor. Children must check out with an advisor before leaving.