• Arrival & Dismissal Procedures at Hilltop Elementary School


    SUPERVISION OF STUDENTS - 8:15-8:30 on back patio

    Students should report to the back patio upon their arrival at school. There are teachers on the patio and supervising the drop-off line.
    Supervision begins at 8:15. Our Mendham Borough Police Officers are not considered supervisors, as they may need to leave at a moment's notice. Please do not leave your child unattended before 8:15.

    STUDENT DROP-OFF 8:15-8:30

    We have procedures in place for a safe, curbside drop off. Between 8:15 & 8:30, you can take advantage of our drop off line at the back of the building, and from 8:30-8:35, you can drop off in the front driveway. The more people that park and walk across the busy parking lot, the greater the risk for an accident.
    Those dropping off and picking up continue to show patience. Every day, cars wait as those in front of them unload (some slower than others) without passing. This leads to a smooth, accident-free environment. PLEASE WAIT to pull away until the car(s) in front of you have left.
    Please do not drop off in front of the school. Traffic is challenging enough - let's not add to the congestion.


    Cars arriving after 8:30 will drop off their child on the front sidewalk along the driveway.

    The front circle will not be used for drop-off.


    At Hilltop School, teachers begin instruction at 8:35 with the school-wide Pledge of Allegiance and morning announcements.


    Any student who is not in his/her classroom at 8:35 will be marked tardy. If your child is tardy, there will be a sign-in on a table inside the front doors of the school.

    Contacting of families and consequences for excessive tardies will be at the discretion of the principal.


    Students are dismissed at 3:15. All families must complete our dismissal form which lets us know if your child is heading out the front or back of the building, allowing us to be accountable for each child. If there is a change in daily dismissal plan, please write a note to your child's teacher (not an e-mail). If it is a permanent change, contact the office so we can update your plan.

    You can pick your child up in the back by pulling down our driveway and waiting in the line. You can also park and wait in the front or back of the school.  As mentioned above, we have minimized risk by having a curb-side pick up in the back. If you insist on parking and picking up your child, please cross at the crossing guard and keep your child by your side. Allowing them to run ahead or linger behind in a parking lot is a risk.

    Please only park in designated spots - parking illegally increases risk for drivers and pedestrians - arriving early eases parking problems.

    Any student who is not picked up in time will be brought to the office and we will contact the parents/guardians. Please do not arrange last-minute playdates or rides home without consulting the Hilltop office.

    This year the arrival and dismissal forms will be online. A link will be sent to you AFTER class lists have been sent out. This will allow us to have your child's dismissal information for the first day of school.

    If you change your child's dismissal HERE IS AN EASY FORM to send to his/her teacher.


    We are fortunate to be a community school where many students can walk to and from school. Please be sure to talk with your child about:

    Crossing at the crossing guard (even if they are walking to the Library).

    Crossing at a cross-walk if there is no crossing guard on duty (it is a law that cars yield to pedestrians in a cross-walk).

    Stranger Danger - All children should know what to do if they are approached by a stranger.

    WALKING - If your child walks to and from school, PLEASE insist that they WALK and remain aware of automobile traffic. There are countless hidden driveways between school and the gazebo. Approaching these driveways with caution will allow cars to see oncoming pedestrians - it is an essential safety feature. Students who run home, do not take this precaution. Think about it as you approach a blind driveway next time.



    Students are not permitted to ride bikes, scooters or the like to and from Hilltop School.  


    So many of our students love dogs. But there are many who don’t and are scared of even the smallest canines. When you come to Hilltop School, please do not bring your dogs on school grounds. Whether they are excited to see another dog, or with students running around blissfully, their barking and behavior can be scary for our youngsters.  


    Thank you for your support.  Together we make our school a safe place to learn and grow!