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  • The Mendham Borough School District offers lunch service with on-site kitchens at each school.  We contract with Pomptonian Food Service to manage the day to day operation of the cafeterias.
    We wish to ensure that students and parents are enjoying the services and seek to answer some frequently asked questions:
    What are the lunch and snack options that are offered?
    There are a variety of hot lunch, sandwich, and salad meals offered each day. The complete meal can be purchased for $3.65 and the New Village Fresh option, as well as the Boar’s Head deli and salad meals are $3.90. The monthly menu is posted in advance and is accessible through the District’s website at https://www.mendhamboro.org. All snack and beverage offerings must comply with the District’s Wellness policy that limits total fat and saturated fats. There are a variety of healthier snack and beverage offerings available. Elementary students may purchase one snack per day (ice cream only twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday).
    How much time do the children have to eat?
    Lunch periods are 30 minutes. Generally, everyone is through the lunch line in 10 minutes or less. Approximately 18-20 minutes into the lunch period, children are allowed to purchase snacks.

    Do children who are only buying milk stand in the same line as the lunch children?
    Children that wish to purchase milk only are allowed to move ahead to the register while others are selecting their meal purchases.

    What are my payment options?
    For your convenience there are several payment options available for your child’s meal and snack purchases. The cafeterias have computerized cash registers that allow for prepaid or cash transactions. Prepaid options include checks payable to Mendham Borough Schools, online through www.payforit.net with Credit/Debit Card transactions, and cash on account.

    Does my child at Hilltop pay the cashier in the cafeteria?
    The majority of elementary transactions are cashless. To speed service at lunchtime, elementary student money is collected in the classroom and brought to the cafeteria each morning. Parents should put the child’s first and last name on the envelope. The cashier then places the funds on the child’s account in advance of lunch so money is available the same day. If students do bring cash to the register, they will receive their change back, or they can ask to have the excess stay on their account.

    How are students identified in the cafeteria?
    Each student enrolled in the school has an account on the Computerized Register. The student identifies him/herself to the cashier by name and the cashier looks up the students account and records the purchase. The student’s picture appears on the screen when the account is accessed.

    How can I check the balance on my child’s account?
    There are two options to look up the balance or transaction history on your child’s account. You may create/use your www.payforit.net guardian account to view an activity report or email the Food Service Director at dgerstner@mendhamtwp.org to request the report via email. To create a guardian account on www.payforit.net, you will need to enter your child’s name, school ID number, and for security purposes, a credit card. You will not need to use the credit card to put money on account if you prefer to deposit via cash or check.

    What do I do if I believe there is unauthorized use on my child’s account?
    Should you have questions or need additional information on any of the transactions on your child’s account, send your inquiry via email to dgerstner@mendhamtwp.org and the information will be researched. An account alert will be placed on the account to ensure that the cashier confirms the identity of the student prior to completing the transaction.

    How do parents prohibit or limit snacks on their children’s accounts?
    Should you wish to not allow your child to use the funds on the account for a la carte purchases like beverages or snacks,simply contact the Food Service Director at dgerstner@mendhamtwp.org and an alert will be placed on the account to notify the cashier of your preference.

    Have additional questions?
    Please send an email to the Food Service Director, Dianne Gerstner at dgerstner@mendhamtwp.org or Business Administrator, James Rollo at rollo@mendhamboroschools.org.

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