• Related Arts Registration for 2016-2017

    As you are aware, Mountain View holds dearly to the idea of educating the whole child. Our students are exposed to a variety of courses and have the opportunity to explore them. 
    The Related Arts registration will be completed online and students will need to choose an OPTION based on a World Language decision. Students have the option to study one World Language - Spanish or Chinese. After choosing a World Language option, students must then choose their remaining Related Arts courses. Below are the course descriptions. 

    Please note:  Course selections are not guaranteed.

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    Students who will be in 5th and 6th Grade
    as of September 2016:
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    Students who will be in 7th and 8th Grade
    as of September 2016:
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    Course Descriptions

     Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

    5th Grade - Intro to Google & Digital Citizenship
    This is an introductory course that focuses on using the Google suite of online tools. Students will:
    • Create eportfolios using Google Sites.
    • Work with collaborative documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
    • Save import files and manage their Google Drives.
    • Create forms/surveys and analyze their data.
    • Search and insert images and other media.
    Additionally, students will learn to be safe, respectful, and responsible digital citizens
    6th Grade - Intro to Digital Authoring Tools
    This course continues usage of Google, and introduces Word, Powerpoint, Prezi, Photoshop, and Pixton. This course focuses on presentation and communication. Additional creative authoring tools will be added as time permits.
    7th and 8th Grade - Audio & Video production
    This course focuses on using sound and moving images for communication.  Students will conceive, record, and edit audio visual projects (which could include comedic or dramatic shorts, music videos, commercials, documentaries, and audio remixes). This course covers lighting, recording, advanced audio and video editing using Adobe Premiere, Green Screen Matting, the pros and cons of frame rates and video formats, as well as posting, embedding and broadcasting. Students will work in small groups and/or individually to create complex and sophisticated projects. This is a student directed and project based workshop, and all students will be expected present detailed project proposals, demonstrate effective time management, complete daily work logs, and post several examples of project participation to their website by the end of the semester. Be prepared to work hard and have fun!
    7th and 8th Grade - Animation, Programming, and Game Design
    Students will work in teams and/or individually to create complex and sophisticated games, animations, and interactive applications. This is a student directed and project based workshop.  Students will have access to a variety of tools and resources including: Photoshop, Pixton, Adobe Premiere, Scratch, Alice, and Stencyl. For game designers, the objective of this class is to take your programming skills to a higher level, and create fully functioning multi-level games.  Animators can choose from computers animation using Alice and Scratch, to more traditional animation techniques like stop motion, Claymation, or hand drawn cartoons. While the tools and techniques learned will vary depending on the projects chosen, all students will be expected present detailed project proposals, demonstrate effective time management, complete daily work logs, and post at least one completed project to their website by the end of the semester. Be prepared to work hard and have fun!
    7th and 8th Grade - Global Collaboration and Communication
    Students will create presentations about themselves, their local environment, and topics of global significance as part of their correspondence with students from other countries. Student will participate in a collaborative research /data entry project. They will also raise funds, research worthy causes, and manage new and existing micro loans provided through Kiva.org. While this course does involve using some audiovisual communication, there is a strong emphasis on more traditional language arts. This class is recommended for students who are excited about learning about other cultures and making new friends.

     Applied Technology

    5th Grade – Applied Technology
    Wood Vehicle Challenge - Students are given the challenge of constructing a vehicle that will travel the furthest distance possible powered only by the force of gravity. Study topics include safety, wood and woodworking, physical science, technical writing, data collection and data interpretation. Students will use a variety of hand tools and woodworking machinery to construct the vehicle.
    6th Grade – Applied Technology
    Electricity - Electrical and electronic devices are a part of our daily lives. We use them for work, recreation, health care and entertainment. Much advancement in the field of electronics has brought us to where we are today. This class focuses on the development of an electronic game. Students will design and construct a prototype game that uses a series circuit as it’s main
    component. Study topics include safety, the history of electrical study and progress, electricity principles and terms, soldering, material resources, tools and machinery, advertising, product development and manufacturing costs.
    7th/8th Grade – Applied Technology
    CO2 Drag Racing - The Science of Speed: Students will design, construct and race a rocket-powered vehicle. The vehicles are capable of traveling in excess of 40 miles per hour! We will research and test a myriad of scientific principles, including energy transfer, rolling resistance, wind resistance, aerodynamics and the basic laws of physics, as we use the shop’s large collection of tools and machines to fabricate a car for racing.
    7th/8th Grade – Woodworking
    Wood and woodworking is a fundamental part of our lives. Industrial Arts allows the students to make a woodworking project using the shop’s large selection of hand tools and machinery. There will be lessons on measuring, layout tools, wood properties, and sawing, at the beginning of the course. Other tools and processes will be covered as they are needed. Ample student work time
    will be given throughout the year. The projects are of the student’s own design. They are required to make their rough idea into a reality. Since the projects are of their own design, they are engaging in one of the purest forms of differentiation. Their projects will allow for each student’s varying needs, interests and readiness level. Students, who have taken this course in the past, will be expected to perform at a more advanced level. Student will be required to pay for the materials they use.

    Visual Art

    5th Grade Art
    The goal of the Mountain View art program is to instill an appreciation of the visual arts by exposing students to a large variety of mediums and concepts. This "journey" will take them to all parts of the world and through history as they learn to recognize cultural and historical similarities and differences and recognize art in their everyday world. The life-long skills of creative problem solving and critical thinking are developed as learners progress through the sequential 5th-8th art curriculum. The emphasis is on the hands-on processes of creating artwork. The elements and principles of design are explored through a variety of mediums. Students will expand their prior knowledge and learn new skills and concepts using familiar media such as painting and drawing. New techniques such as ceramics will be introduced and explored. At no time will an individual's ability or skill level be a determining factor in success. Each student is treated with respect and empowered to reach his/her full potential.
    6th Grade Art
    Keeping the Mountain View goals and philosophies in mind, 6th graders continue their exploration of art. The sequential curriculum will offer opportunities to practice skills acquired in 5th grade and expand knowledge with new projects and concepts. Drawing, painting and ceramics will take on new meaning as work is created at a higher level. Sculpture and printmaking will be explored. 6th grade projects are often connected to their studies in other disciplines. For instance, knowledge developed in Social Studies and on the Environmental Education Trip will take on new meaning in an interpretive work of art.
    7th & 8th Art
    Art for 7th & 8th graders is a semester elective. The program is designed so that interested students may elect to take the same course for both years. Students may also elect to take art all year long by choosing 2-D Art for one semester and 3-D art for one semester. Some similarities will be evident, however all projects will be different for each two year cycle. Students are encouraged to continue their explorations in art at their individual level of skills, interest and readiness. Creative, unique, and individual interpretations of assignments are encouraged so that each artist produces personal works of art.
    2-D ART - A variety of Two Dimensional mediums and projects will be explored. Each year, painting and photography will play an important role in 2-D art class. Additionally, drawing, collage and printmaking assignments will also broaden the comprehensive art program.
    3-D ART - Three Dimensional works of art will be created using a variety methods. Hand-building with clay to construct ceramics will be investigated both years producing very different outcomes. Students will learn a variety of sculptural techniques and use mediums such as wire, plaster, paper mache, found object and cardboard to form and assemble unique sculptural masterpieces.


    Vocal Ensembles

    5th Grade Junior Chorus
    Enjoyment of singing and performing in a group will be the primary focus of this introduction to chorus for 5th graders. Students will sing unison, 2, and 3-part music as they learn to read and interpret beginning choral music. Performances will include songs of the classical tradition, folk music, patriotic music, spirituals, holiday music, Broadway selections, and popular music from multiple cultures, and in a variety of styles. 5th Grade Chorus will perform with the 6th Grade Chorus in three to five performances spread throughout the school year, including a holiday concert, a Hilltop School concert, and the spring, “Festival of the Arts.”
    6th Grade Junior Chorus
    Enjoy singing and performing with others? 6th grade chorus is designed for the student who prefers singing as their musical activity. Students will sing unison, 2, and 3 part songs from across the historical spectrum in a variety of styles, representing multiple cultures. They will advance their skills and vocal development, as they learn, perform, and interpret choral music. Performances will include songs from the classical tradition, folk music, patriotic music, spirituals, holiday music, Broadway selections, and popular music. 6th Grade Chorus will perform with the 5th Grade Chorus in three to five performances spread throughout the school year, including a holiday concert, a Hilltop School concert, and the spring, “Festival of the Arts.”
    7th & 8th Grade Senior Chorus
    Enjoyment of music through singing and performance is the primary objective for 7th and 8th grade students who join Mountain View’s Senior Chorus. Senior chorus rehearsals will take vocal development to new levels as we learn songs for changing voices and mixed chorus. The chorus will sing in 3 to 5 part voicing including soprano I and II, alto, tenor, baritone, and possibly bass as they learn, perform, and interpret choral music. Performances will include songs from the classical tradition, folk music, patriotic music, spirituals, holiday music, Broadway selections, and popular music. Though 7th and 8th grade will sing the same concert literature and perform together in three to five performances spread throughout the school year. These concerts include a holiday concert, a field trip concert at Regional Day School, and the spring “Festival of the Arts.” Members of the Senior Chorus qualify to audition for select ensembles including Mountain View Singers and Regional Chorus.
    Mountain View Singers
    Prerequisite: 7th and 8th graders by audition (in June)
    A select vocal ensemble of 16 to 20 voices that sing a cappella, traditional, popular, and Broadway music in concerts and by special request, throughout the school year. This is Mountain View’s most advanced choral ensemble. Students will be expected to demonstrate advanced musical performance skills and commitment to the organization

    Instrumental Ensembles

    5th & 6th Grade Junior Band
    Are you interested in learning how to play an instrument? Choose from the trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone, trombone, flute, or clarinet! Other possibilities include piccolo, oboe, bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, French horn, and tuba (see Mrs. Carpenter for guidance for these instruments). Students who have had one year of band or orchestra at Hilltop or Mountain View may audition for a spot in the Percussion Section. We will learn all the basics including how to form an embouchure, proper carriage, fingerings, basic articulations, pitch and tone production and airflow. We will learn standard music notation and how to read music. All teaching is in accordance with the national music standards and includes music from many different time periods, styles, and cultures. We will also learn instrument maintenance and terminology as well as learn to play songs! Students learn in smaller group sectionals by instrument and also play in the large ensemble which meets once a week during zero period!
    7th & 8th Grade Senior Band
    Senior Band brings an emphasis on sight-reading. It is very important to be able to read music at first sight and we will learn the skills and techniques to help us to be monster readers! We will read many pieces of music that we will not necessarily perform but that will introduce us to new styles, notes, rhythms, tempi, articulation! Besides expanding our range of notes and types of rhythms we utilize, we will also focus on style and musicality as phrasing and aesthetics and the idea of “beauty” and “art” permeate our critical thinking and evaluating the quality of the music we play, it’s power and effect, and the quality of our individual and group performances. We will plan to compete in a music festival for independent assessment and evaluation of our performance.
    Advanced Band
    Senior Band members may audition to be in the Advanced Band. They remain in Senior Band and must come to all Senior Band zero periods. Advanced Band students will, in addition to Senior Band music, learn more challenging music at a quicker pace. They will also have the opportunity to work in chamber groups or on solos, and may choose to compose or arrange music. Students may be selected to participate in the All-District Honor Band, giving participants the opportunity to be exposed to new conductors, rehearsals techniques, accelerated learning, and to help ease the transition to high school band. The most advanced students may
    choose to try out for the Regional Band (All-Northern New Jersey) under the sponsorship and referral of the band director.


    String Ensembles

    From beginners to advance players, learn to play a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, or bass). We will learn how to play our instruments with proper form and technique will learn tune ourselves and maintain good intonation. All teaching is in accordance with the National Music Standards and will include learning to play solo literature as well as small and large group ensemble music.
    Advanced Orchestra
    Students who are recommended for advanced orchestra will have more opportunities for performance and the development of their craft. In general, advanced orchestra students are players who have studied their instrument for a minimum of two years. Advanced orchestra will meet in the morning from 7:45 until 8:25. Students will be challenged by more difficult music and receive help on advanced techniques such as vibrato, music out of first position, and alternate bowings. Students will perform all styles of music including classical pieces, fiddle tunes, pop songs, and multicultural music. The size of this ensemble enables students to tackle
    more challenging music, while receiving more individualized instruction. Students in advanced orchestra may also be part of Jr. Orchestra and must perform with Jr. Orchestra during all concerts. This is a great opportunity for musicians to participate in all 3 of our school music ensembles: Band, Chorus, and Orchestra.