• Grade 6 Science

    Mrs. Magrini  

    973 543-7075 ext. 503 


    Extra Help

    Extra help is available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

    Extra help requests can be made by the student in person or via email.  Please be specific about what you need extra help with and what you have tried on your own first.  Parents may also request the extra help but please have your student involved in drafting this email so they learn to take responsibility for advocating for themselves.

    You will receive a confirmation email from Mrs. Magrini indicating if it is OK to come in for extra help. PLEASE DO NOT COME IN UNLESS YOU RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL.



    Family Fun Events You can enjoy (almost) all year:



    Geocaching is like a treasure hunt!  Using GPS coordinates on your Smart phone or handheld GPS device, you get to explore places you never knew existed- near and far from home, as you search for all different kinds of caches.  Check out Geocaching.com for more information.  (Boy Scouts: there is even a Geocaching Merit Badge!)

    Jenny Jump Observatory- Family Fun 

    Just a reminder that there are FREE astronomy public programs at Jenny Jump State Park in Hope, NJ.  Every Saturday evening from April through October, there is an astronomy presentation at 8 pm followed by star gazing on the observatory's telescopes until 10:30 pm.  For more information go to http://www.uacnj.org.  I go up there many Saturday evenings with my own kids and it's a lot of fun!  
  • Google Classroom

    Please see Google Classroom for all announcements and assignments.  

    Parents/Guardians who are interested in receiving daily or weekly email digests from Google Classroom of their student’s progress, upcoming work, and class announcements will receive an email with sign-up information

  • Exploring Earch