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    Aloha! I am Leigh Carpenter, Mountain View and Hilltop band director.  I have taught band in Hawaii, Chicago, Jersey City, and am enjoying teaching the wonderful students here in Mendham!      

    Email:  carpenter@mendhamboroschools.orgPhone: 973-543-7075 ext. 250 

  • Winter Band Notes

    Winter Notes from Mrs. Carpenter

    Band Parents,

    Reminder: Our Winter Concert Next Week Wednesday January 23rd!!
    We will have a  mandatory, graded  dress rehearsal (no need to dress up, just regular school clothes) during the school day on that day so please help your child remember to bring their instrument and music to school.  And please remember to bring home instrument and music after school so they will have it for the concert at that evening!  
    The Winter Concert is at West Morris Mendham High School Auditorium at 7pm.  
    • Percussionists should come to set up the stage at 6:15pm
    • All other band students arrive at 6:30pm to warm-up and tune-up.  (Junior Band will got to the cafeteria to set up their instruments and then meet me on stage to tune). (Senior and Advanced Band members will each tune themselves in the cafeteria and wait there until called to line up to go on stage.)
    • Upon arrival all student should check in with a teacher chaperone to receive credit for this graded performance.  
    • Attire is white dress shirt or blouse and black dress slacks and black dress shoes.  Girls may substitute skirt or dress (in accordance with the school dress code) in black and white.  
    • The entire band will do a piece together near the end of the concert.  
    • All band students will help clean up the stage and load stands and equipment into the school truck (this is part of their concert grade) before being released to you after the concert (please wait in the lobby for your child to meet you.)
    Please make sure your child's instrument is in working order and they have working reeds, etc.  
    ***** Many students have not let me know they did the graded listening which is a big part of their grade.  Please remind your child to indicate they did the listening on their practice logs.  The listening can be found on an email I sent you earlier, on my school webpage, and by searching jwpepper.com or youtube.  (I will resend you the email with the  listening links).  
    Thank you so much for all you do to support your child in their music education!  
    I appreciate you!  
     Mandatory Graded Listening
    Since band classes are scheduled as smaller parts for the full band, students don't always get to hear all the other instruments and how their part fits in with the whole band sound, so for the next few weeks up until the concert, I would like part of their practice log practice time to be devoted to listening to their concert songs.  
    Please check the box on their log indicating they listened to jwpepper.com or write in that they listened on youtube.  They will get a grade for listening in addition to their practice log credit.  
    They can listen to them on jwpepper.com or youtube (with your permission and supervision) by typing in the title of our song and the composer and arranger and the word "band".  
    Junior Band Songs are: 
    • Beethoven's Ninth arranged by Paul Lavender
    • First Holiday Concert -John O'Reilly
    • Star Wars -Strommen
    Senior Band Songs are: 
    • B B's Pizza Man -Nicholas Forte
    • Wind Dances -Saucedo
    • Oh Hanukkah -Smith
    • Percussion Production -Gorham
    • Star Wars -Strommen
    Advanced Band Songs are (in addition to Senior Band songs): 
    • Stevie Wonder in Concert -Murtha
    • And to All a Good Night -Story
    • Christmas Pipes -Vinson
    Here are the jwpepper listening links: 
    District Band Meets ALL Mondays on January and the first Monday in Februray from 5:30-7pm at the WMMHS Bandroom.  
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Important Dates

Marking Period Test Dates

  • Marking Period 1 Test

    Mon. 10/29/18 
    6th Grade: A on A personal goal
    7/8th Grade: Individual Solo

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  • Marking Period 2 Test

    Mon. 1/7/19 
    5th,6th,7th,8th Grade: A on A personal goal
    Those who have finished both A on A Books: Specific personal assignment given by Mrs. Carpenter

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  • Marking Period 3 Test

    Mon. 3/11/19
    5th,6th,7th,8th Grade: A on A personal goal
    And performance Piece

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  • Marking Period 4 Test

    Mon. 5/13/19
    5th,6th,7th,8th Grade: A on A personal goal
    And Performance Piece

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  • Band Parents,

    Please make sure your child (all band students) have an 
    • instrument to play (in working order)
    • Accent on Achievement Book (Book 1 for beginners and 5th graders, Book 2 for 6-8th grade non beginners and any 5th graders who finished book 1 last year)
    • Warm-Ups and Beyond book by Timothy Loest for your child's instrument
    • Instrument Care kit
    • Tuner/metronome
    In addition, 
    Clarinets and Saxophones only) need 
    • a box of 10 reeds.  
    and Percussionists need 
    • snare drum sticks
    • timpani mallets
    • soft yarn mallets
    • bell mallets
    • hingestix by vic firth
    Some of your children own their instrument.
    Some are renting their instrument and continued renting through the summer.
    They may have all the above things they need for the start of school. 
    But if they are missing any items you may call the Music Shop 973 334 8484 or go online (themusicshop.com) and order what they need.  The Music Shop will deliver the items to Mountain View School to the band room and will be waiting for your child in September.  
    Some children returned their instrument to the Music Shop at the end of the school year or have never rented an instrument and/or don't currently have an instrument.  
    You may go to themusicshop.com to rent their instrument.  Everything they need will come with their rentals including books and supplies.  And everything will be delivered to Mountain View School to the band room and will be waiting for your child in September.  
    1.   Click "Online Rentals"
    2.   Enter our zip code "07945"
    3.   Select district "Mendham"
    4.   Select school "Mountain View Middle School"
    5.   Select instrument of choice
    I am looking forward to a musical year teaching your children!
    Thank you for all you to to support your child's music education!  
    Leigh Carpenter, Director of Bands Mountain View School
    Having difficulty choosing and instrument?  Click the link below for help.  

     I hope you are enjoying your summer!  I can't wait to start another musical year with the Mountain View Band!  Here is what you need to be prepared for band class starting in the fall.  
    Please Have these supplies for the start of the school year in September:
    All band students should have their instrument, care kit, 10 pencils labeled with "Band" and your child's name, folding stand (to keep and practice at home), metronome/tuner, two books: Accent on Achievement** by John O'Reilly,  and Warm-ups and Beyond 
     by Timothy Loest.  Please bring all items except the folding music stand every band class.  
    All Clarinets and Saxes also need a box of ten reeds.  Just a guide for reed buying: Very mature players (Vandoren #3 Strength or Rico Royale #3) (Clarinets and Saxes in their third year of playing may get #2 1/2 strength rico royale or vandoren reeds)(Second year players should get rico royale or vandoren #2 strength reeds)  (Beginners should get #2  regular rico reeds)
    ***Percussionists also need 5 pairs of sticks (see below for information on getting them).  
    ** If your child has completed Accent on Achievement book one, make sure they get Accent on Achievement BOOK 2 !

    As we close the school year and prepare for next school year, you might be wondering how to order an instrument for next year or what you need to do with your child's rental instrument.  Here are the answers/options:


    1. If your child is not taking band or orchestra next year at Mountain View:

    a. You need to call The Music Shop 1 (800) 553-0633 to let them know you are returning the instrument.

    b. The Music Shop will give you a confirmation/return number that you are to write down on a piece of paper and tape that paper to your child's instrument case.

    c. Leave the instrument on the table outside Mrs. Carpenter’s office in the band room by the last day of school, June 20.   The Music Shop rep will know to pick up those instruments for RETURN that have a return confirmation number on them.


    You can also try to do an online return with this link:  https://www.themusicshop.com/return.aspx.  You will still need, I believe, to leave the instrument with the confirmation number outside Mrs. Carpenter’s office for rep to pick it up for return.



    2. If you are switching instruments next year (for example, from trumpet to clarinet or from violin to flute), you have two options:

    Option A. You call The Music Shop 1 (800) 553-0633 and inform them that your child would like to switch.  The Music Shop can switch out one instrument for the other, and you keep renting over the summer if you want to keep their equity in an instrument.  However, please now also order and pay for a new care kit (i.e., cleaning supplies) and lesson books (Accent on Achievement book 1, and Warm Ups and Beyond by Timothy Loest) for your child’s new instrument since those items are not included in a switch.  

    *Clarinet and Sax players should also at this time order a box of ten regular rico reeds strength #2 for their instrument.  




    Option B. You can return the current instrument (see instructions in 1. above).  Then, rent the new instrument for next year for which you will start being charged in September 2017.  The new instrument will be waiting for your child at the beginning of the school year at Mountain View and will include the care kit, reeds, supplies, etc. and and books for the new instrument.



    3. If you are going to continue with the same instrument next year, you have two options:

    Option  A.   Keep the instrument over the summer if you want to keep the equity in the instrument.  You still pay, I think, a monthly rental fee during the summer months.  You might need to purchase reeds again (for clarinet and saxophones) or cleaning supplies for the instrument for the upcoming year (2017-2018) depending on the number or reeds and/or condition of instrument's cleaning kit.




    Option B. Return the instrument (see instructions in 1. above) and, then, rent the same instrument again for September 2017.  You would get a lesson book, again, for the instrument and a new care (cleaning) kit, reeds, etc.  BUT you would lose the equity you've accrued in the instrument.


    4. If you are renting an instrument for the first time:


    All new Mountain View band members should remember to rent their instruments now* in for the new school year (you will not be charged until September when the instruments arrive) by

    1. going to themusicshop.com

    2. finding our town (Mendham)

    3. our school (Mountain View)

    4. and choosing your instrument to make sure the instrument is waiting for your child at the beginning of the school year. 

    5. I suggest getting the insurance so that if the instrument breaks, while under contract, they will repair it at no cost.  

    *If you wait until the school year starts to order a rental it may be out of stock and take weeks to arrive.

    Everything you need (books, supplies,etc.) will come with your instrument.  



    5. If you have an instrument you own or plan to rent from another establishment, please make sure to also get:

    • Accent on Achievement book for your instrument

    • Warm Ups And Beyond book by Timothy Loest for your instrument

    • A care/cleaning kit

    • A tuner/metronome

    • Timpani, yarn mallets, snare sticks, bell mallets (percussion)

    • A box of 10 reeds (saxes and clarinets)



    At any point while renting, you may buy out your child's instruments at 30% off The Music Shop's full price.  You can decide whether it's better to keep renting the instrument or to buy it outright.  However, when you buy/own the instrument, repairs are no longer free (if you had insurance on the instrument with the rental - which most renters do) as they are when you rent it.

    ***For Percussionists: 

    If you rent your drum kit  from the Music Shop, please also order 

    • concert snare drum sticks
    • yarn mallets
    • hard rubber or plastic xylophone mallets
    • timpani mallets

    (You can get something like this online vic firth intermediate education stick pack  and it will cover all the above 4 sticks and a stick bag) 

    • AND Vic Firth hingestix for snare drum.   


    For your consideration:

    PERCUSSION KITS are relatively inexpensive and you may want to buy yours outright.  You could probably get them online for much less than renting until you own click here for example of what kind of percussion kit you need.  

    If you buy on your own, you need to make sure to purchase these books and supplies on your own:
    • You need to buy the Accent on Achievement book 1 for Combined percussion and mallets, 
    • Warm ups and Beyond for percussion, 

    as wll as :

    • concert snare drum sticks
    • yarn mallets
    • hard rubber or plastic xylophone mallets
    • timpani mallets 

    (You can get something like this online vic firth intermediate education stick pack  and it will cover all the above 4 sticks and a stick bag) 

    • AND Vic Firth hingestix for snare drum.  




    Private lessons are a wonderful way to get individualized instruction and a requirement for anyone who would like to audition for New Jersey Regions in 7th/8th grade.   Many of Northern New Jersey's most accelerated musicians who audition start private lessons early (as early as 4th grade). Please contact Mrs. Carpenter for contact information for qualified private lesson instructors in the area.  
    Mrs. Carpenter also has information about quality music summer camps.