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      Name: Mrs. Susan Buckholz


     Email: buckholz@mendhamboroschools.org
    Phone: 973-543-7075 ext 268

    WELCOME  to

    Mountain View ART
        ALL students are welcome
    to use the art room every morning. 
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    The goal of the Mountain View art program is to instill an appreciation of the visual arts by exposing students to a large variety of mediums and concepts.  This "journey" will take them to all parts of the world and through history as they learn to recognize cultural and historic similarities and differences.  They will see and appreciate master works and learn skills to produce their own masterpieces.  The emphasis is on the hands-on processes of designing and creating artwork.  The elements and principles of design are explored through drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students feel comfortable in the informal environment of the art studio, where individuality is celebrated.  The life-long skills of creative problem solving and critical thinking are developed as learners progress through the sequential 5th-8th art curriculum.  Each student is treated with respect and empowered to reach his/her full potential.  At no time will an individual's ability or skill level be a determining factor in success.  Your child's work habits and commitment to learning are highly valued.  Teacher and self-assessment tools are utilized to reinforce understanding.