• Drop-off & Pick-up Routines:
    • Drop off:
      • Drop off for fifth and sixth grade students occurs at the circle in the back of the school.
        Drop off for seventh and eighth grade students occurs at the circle in the front of the school.

      • Fifth and sixth grade students then wait outside the art room doors until 8:25 A.M. when the bell rings.
        Seventh and eighth grade students then wait outside the seventh and eighth grade hallway doors until 8:25 A.M.

      • In the event of inclement weather, students will be permitted entry at 8:15 AM via their regular entryways.

    • Before-School Activities:

      • Students should not arrive to school before 8:25 unless they have a purpose:

        • Students come early to receive extra help from teachers.

        • Students come early for extra-curricular reasons.

        • Students come early to access the Media Center to do work.

          • Limited amounts of students are permitted to go into the Media Center to complete work from 8:00 – 8:25 A.M.

          • Students should keep in mind that the Media Center is not a place to "hang out." Students should only use the library to study and complete work. With unnecessary noise, it becomes very difficult for students to accomplish what they need to get done.

      • Students who desire to use the Media Center (or have other purposes) should arrive through the front doors before 8:15.  Students must then proceed directly to their appointment; they may not use their locker prior to 8:25 AM.

    • Pick up:

      • At dismissal all students not walking or riding their bikes must be picked up on an adjacent street (such as Dean Rd.) or in one of the parking lots.

      • Pick up in the front circle is not permitted at dismissal. Please discuss a pick-up plan with your child that is safe and efficient as this is a very congested time in our parking lot.

      • Please note that Mendham Borough has recent adopted an ordinance designating Orchard Street as Permit Resident Parking Only.
    • Drop-off/Pick-up Circles:
      • Cars and vehicles are not permitted to park or idle in the drop-off/Pickup circles at any time.

      • Vehicles violating this regulation may be subject to a municipal fine.
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