• Welcome to Fitness
    with Mrs. Morales!
    Name:  Mrs. Morales
    Phone:  973-543-4251, ext. 143
    • SNEAKERS   are very important for all students to have. During our training for our runs, sneakers with laces support the childrens feet the best. 

    •  If your child has a new pair of shoes they would like to wear, please be sure to pack his/her sneakers in his/her back pack.  Even keep an old pair of sneakers in the cubby in their classroom. 

    •  If they forget their sneakers, they will not be allowed to participate in what is know as "Activity time."  This is a time when the children have several activities to choose from to warm up their muscles.  Some involve more than one person and some are ones they can choose to do on their own. 


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