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    Welcome to Spanish with Sra. Romelli!


    Teacher:  Sra. Romelli
    Email:  romelli@mendhamboroschools.org  

    Phone:  973-543-4251, ext. 160

    Spanish Flag

     Welcome! In class, students participate in class activities that will enable them to communicate in Spanish on familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases and sentences! They will do this through games, songs, hands on activities, total physical response, stories, projects and more.
    Please encourage your child to practice at home and share what they are learning with you! A popular way to practice this year is using Quizlet.com. Check this website often to see what we are doing in class and how you can support your child at home. 
    Grades K-1: Spanish once a week for 35 minutes
    Grades 2-4: Spanish twice a week for 35 minutes/class