• Welcome to Mrs. Na's Art Class!

    Teacher:  Mrs. Jean Na
    Phone:  973-543-7075, ext. 131

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    Welcome back!
    I hope everyone had a wond-ART-ful summer!  I'm looking forward to another great year of art with you.  Art can be messy.  Please bring in a smock(an adult-sized t-shirt would do) in a ziploc bag with the student's name and class clearly written on the bag.  
    Hilltop art program focuses on teaching our students the elements and principles of art and design.  While the lesson plans are created to meet the federal, state, and district curriculum standards, the learning activities are designed for the students to experience different media and styles as well as to use their creativity and imagination.  Every lesson has historical, art historical, and/or cultural significance.  All students' artworks are displayed in school throughout the year.
    It is a great pleasure working with the wonderful artists at Hilltop Elementary School.  I sincerely hope that the students will gain and develop the skills to be able to visually communicate their ideas and emotions and to have lots of fun doing it! 
     September News
    Hilltop students have been getting back in the swing of things in the art class.  We are starting the academic year off with Display My Art, one of the HSA fundraisers.  Please look out for the HSA notice that will inform you about it in about a month or so.
    Great art picks up where nature ends ~~ Marc Chagall
    2014 Winter Landscapes, Horse Collage, Intaglio
    2013-2014 African Masks by 4th Graders
    2012-2013 Spring Art by 1st Graders  
    2012-2013 Mrs. Deutsch's 3rd Grade Class presents Dragons
    Mrs. Szeluga's Class presents
    The Year of the Snake 
    2012-2013 4th Grade Printmakingand 2nd Grade Sponge Trees
    2011-2012 Click on the video below to view SPRING ART 
    by 1st and 2nd Grades
    2011-2012 Click on the video below to view FROTTAGE, PRINTMAKING, and
    by 1st and 4th Grades
    2011-2012 Click on the video below to view WONDERUFL WINTER ART
    by Kindergarten and 2nd Graders