• My name is Mrs. Steiner.

    Mrs. Steiner


    Welcome to our fabulous classroom!  Please come in.


    This is our Science Center. This is a place where you can explore and learn about rocks, shells, trees, insects, and so much more. You can even bring things from home to add to this center and share with your friends.

    science table

    Here is our Library Corner where you can relax and read a "Just Right" book or share a book with another student.


    This is the "Meeting Place" where we greet our friends every morning. We also learn a new chant or poem and read the morning letter together.

    meeting place

    We take turns using the computer to play math and spelling games. Sometimes we read new stories or do research about what we are learning.



    This is our Scholar Projects center.  Students can choose a project to add depth and complexity to their learning.

    There are many jobs that help us to run our classroom smoothly.  Every day, you will have a new important job to do. 
    job chart

    Our Math Center is a place where you will find the materials to practice our math skills and play games.You will find pattern blocks, dice, clocks, base ten blocks and lots of other fun things to do.

    What should we put in our cubbies? It's a good place to store our backpacks, lunches, and coats.

    Our Calendar Wall will help us to keep track of the date and how many days we have been in school together.

    Our classroom is a wonderful, special place to come and learn and have fun at the same time!

    I hope you enjoyed the tour of our classroom.
    It is going to be a great year!