• Unit 6: Division, Area, and Measures of Angles

    During this unit, students apply basic division facts and use them while performing traditional long division.  They learn how to use the mnemonic phrase, "Does McDonalds Sell Cheese Burgers?" to remember the steps of long division.  The D in Does stands for divide, the M in McDonalds stands for multiply, the S in Sell stands for subtract, the C in Cheese stands for Compare, and the B in Burgers stands for Bring down.  When remainders are present, they will discover how to write them as fractions and decimals.  In addition, they will apply their division skills when solving multiplication number stories and learn how to interpret remainders.  Fourth-grade mathematicians will also review area, learn partial quotient division, master using a protractor, and learn how to measure angles in degrees accurately.

    The four main areas of are:
    1. To practice solving multiplication and division number stories,
    2. To introduce the traditional division algorithm and the concept of remainders and fractions or decimals,
    3. To practice drawing, measuring, and naming angles using half-circle and full-circle protractors, and
    4. To utilize math tools effectively
    It will remain important through this unit for students to continue to practice their basic multiplication and division facts daily.
    PowerPoint Presentations
    Power Point


    What's the Point?
    Practice identifying points on a coordinate grid.  Start with the easy level and work your way up!

    Math Mayhem
    Practice your basic division and multiplication facts.

    Measuring Angles
    A fantastic game to review how to measure an angle using a half-circle protractor.

    Alien Angles
    This is a great game to help you practice estimating angles and save aliens at the same time!

    Cyberchase: Star Gazing
    A fun game that helps you estimate angle measurements.

    Snork's Long Division Game
    A fun way to practice the steps of Long Division!

    City Blocks
    Build a city while you interpret what to do with remainders in division number stories.

    Grand Slam Math
    Practice solving multiplication and division story problems.

    Monster Crossing
    Can you answer the word problem correctly and get the monster across the street to the correct answer?  Focus on multiplication and division problems.

    Long Division Review Video
    A video that repeats the steps of long division.