Children must stay within the boundaries of the playground.  If you would like to use the baseball field, a teacher must be present.


    The wooded area is not a play area.  Rocks and tree branches should stay in the wooded area.


    The bench areas are to be used as quiet thinking places; no digging, or running around the area.


    If you need to use the bathroom at anytime during recess, you are to report to the teacher and take a buddy with you.  You should go through the cafeteria doors to the cafeteria bathrooms.


    Children should always talk through any conflicts and disagreements. If a student misbehaves, he or she will sit out of recess for a period of time.


    Children should all play safely. Activities not allowed include:


    -    climbing trees

    -    throwing mulch or rocks

    -    running up and down the path

    -    rolling or running down the grassy hill