• Third Grade Writing Workshop

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    Writing is wonderful in third grade! Using the Writers' Workshop model. Students will use their Writers' Notebooks (WNB) to record their thoughts, observations, feelings, and experiences. From their WNB's they will select an entry they would like to expand into a final published piece. Going through the writing process together, we will draft,revise, edit, illustrate, and publish. Each unit ends in a celebration either within our team, class, or school building community.
     These are our writing units for the year.
    Personal Narrative (Small Moments)
    Raising the Quality of Personal Narrative:
    Using Edge of Seat 
    Personal Essay
    Realistic Fiction
    Reading/Writing Connection
    Non Fiction Picture Books
    Newspaper Articles
    Frequently students will bring their WNB's home to complete entries. It is essential that their WNB comes back to school with them, as we work in it each day.