• Healthy Reminders for Winter

    Stomach aches, vomiting, fever and respiratory symptoms are the most popular reasons for health office visits and absences during the winter months.  If you suspect your child has the flu, please have it confirmed by the Dr. I have seen flu and strep at the same time.

    As always, please be specific when calling in your child’s absence with the reason for the absence. Symptoms are important as I track the illness in our building and district. Some of our students are extremely sensitive to strep and flu like symptoms so it is of utmost importance to keep me informed of contagious conditions.

    Healthy reminders to keep our students and school healthy:
    • Get lots of rest- sleepovers breed illness. Why not compromise with a late over?
    • Eat nutritious foods and drink plenty of fluids to protect and strengthen your immune system.
    • Stay home for 24 hours after having a fever or vomiting. A student needs to be fever free without taking any fever reducing medication.
    • Keep your hands away from your nose and mouth- use good hand washing techniques and keep nails cut and clean.
    • Get fresh air and exercise, dress for the weather.
    • Carry a chap stick in your coat pocket to apply before going outdoors.
    Flu season is here:
    Did you get your flu shot? It’s not too late!

    The National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation reminds parents that Children and Aspirin Products Don’t Mix. Do not give aspirin products to children with flu symptoms. Ibuprophen or Acetaminophen are the recommended over the counter medications for fever reducers.

    Outdoor recess:
    We try to get the children outdoors as much as possible. It can be muddy and sometimes a change of pants is needed. If you have any extra sweatpants to donate to the school health office I would be happy to have them to use. Thanks so much!

    Flu Season

    Wash Hands