• Protocol for Exemption from P.E. & Activities at School

    • Physical Education is a regular part of our school curriculum. If a child has an injury or illness that requires that they be excused from activity in physical education, a physician’s order should be sent to the nurse and PE teacher. It is expected that any child who has restricted activity in physical education will have restricted activity at recess. We need to be certain that any student who is recovering from an injury or illness is safe at school.
    Doctor's Note
    • Fresh air and activity are important to learning. Time outside helps clear the mind and encourages further learning. Occasionally a parent will request that a student remain inside because of a “cold” or “ear infection”. Studies show that it is helpful to be outside for short periods during an upper respiratory infection is present. The increased humidity outdoors often helps clear the congestion.

    • As long as a child is dressed appropriately for the weather it is not detrimental to their health to go outside for recess. All students should bring hats and mittens to wear if the weather is cool. If recess accommodations are needed, please consult with your physician and meet with our staff to develop an appropriate plan.