Mendham Borough

School District

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Our Mission

  • The mission of the Mendham Borough Public School District is to prepare all of our students for their future roles in society.  We strive to provide an educational program that enables all students to acquire knowledge and to assume constructive self-direction to their fullest potential.  The district is committed to education of the highest quality, aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and continuous improvement of programs and teaching strategies.


    2017-18 District Goals

    from the Strategic Plan Goals with Identified Focus Areas


    Goal 1:  Enhance and maintain technology in our schools where staff and students continuously expand their skills as they develop into effective digital citizens.

    2017-18 Focus Areas for this Goal:

    • Expansion of 1:1 Initiative
    • Expansion of the use of Google Classroom, Google Applications, and Genesis Online Lesson Plans
    • Identify additional training needs and expand Google Certification opportunities
    • Continue assessment and development of Digital citizenship


    Goal 2:  To create and sustain a safe, secure learning environment that is equipped to deliver a 21stcentury instructional program.

    2017-18 Focus Areas for this Goal:

    • Conduct a safety and security assessment of district schools
    • Review and recommendations of current security drills
    • Mountain View Media Center as a Flexible Learning Environment that promotes improved student outcomes


    Goal 3:  Continue to foster the social and emotional development of all students while providing a first class educational program that meets the needs of our diverse learners.

    2017-18 Focus Areas for this Goal:

    • Review district and state assessments to identify target areas for improvement.
    • Monitor, evaluate and make recommendations for newly established Intervention Specialist Role and for the ENCORE program at Mountain View.
    • Identify resources that would offer support to staff, parents and students for recent trends/issues being identified as key to the social and emotional development of students and as part of the district mission to support the “whole child.”
    • Promote digital citizenship as it pertains to social media and internet access.


    Goal 4:  To promote articulation with surrounding K-8 districts and the regional high school district.

    2017-18 Focus Areas for this Goal:

    • Participation in regular meetings with area Superintendents
    • Consult with administrative team to seek opportunities for collaboration within their school and departments:  Special Services, Elementary and Middle Schools, and Curriculum and Instruction.


    Goal 5:  To create and develop partnerships between school, home and community.

    2017-18 Focus Areas for this Goal:

    • Continue to identify ways for promoting district initiatives, and increasing communication within the school community and the greater Mendham Borough community.


Important Message

  • Important Message from the Board of Education

    Update:  Fact-finder’s Report accepted by the Board, rejected by the MBEA

    On Monday, October 30, 2017, the Mendham Borough Board of Education (“Board”) received the Fact-Finding Report from the independent, State-appointed fact-finder regarding the on-going Teacher negotiations. The Board’s Negotiating Committee reviewed the report and recommended that the Board accept the independent fact-finder’s report. On November 14, 2017, the Board passed a resolution accepting the independent fact-finder’s report.

    The Board requested that the Mendham Borough Education Association (“Teachers’ Association”) also approve and accept the fact-finder’s Report, so we could settle the negotiations and move forward.
    The fact-finder’s Report was based on the data and evidence presented by both sides. The independent fact-finder’s job is to evaluate the data and provide a recommendation for a fair settlement. The independent fact-finder was approved by both the Board and the Teachers’ Association before the process started.

    Regrettably, the Teachers’ Association did not accept the Fact-finder’s Report. Public Employment Relations Commission will appoint a super-conciliator to further assist the parties.

    Click here for the Fact-Finding Report.